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About Us
You are welcome to EARNTER INTERNATIONAL. Earnter International is a registered investment company aimed at making people financially independent, not like the ones you’ve ever heard about. The first of its kind where you do not need to work for money rather money works for you. Earnter International is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria under companies and allied matters Act 1990 Pursuant section 659 with registration code (RC) 351388.
Earnter International is an investment company that trades in cryptocurrencies. earnter.com is NOT a PONZI scheme such that even if we have only one member, we can still survive. We don't depend on Danny's money to pay Sandy. Members simply make a one-time registration, after which earnter.com invest with the money, and therefore share the returns with her members. Our investments are insurance backed up such that even when there seem to be a mishap, there is an insurance to always cover up.
We will never promise you what we cannot offer or what we will do and park off in few months or years time. We are an investment company putting smile on faces since 2014 and we are here to stay!
Earnter International